Trip Economy SRL Announces They Have Improved the Travel Experience


(Al Nicolina, Iasi, Romania) TripBarometer conducted a survey and found that 69 percent of world travelers in 2016 wanted to experience something new. Virtuoso took this information even further and discovered that those planning to travel that year wanted to visit a destination that was lesser known, more specifically a place that was unique or untouched. TripEconomy wishes to help individuals achieve their travel goals and allows users to search airfares, cruise offers and hotel bookings all in one convenient site.

“People shouldn’t have to accept a package deal, one that doesn’t meet their needs, simply because that is all companies are offering. We want our visitors to have the trip they have dreamed of, which is why we allow users to build their own travel package. Whether a person is searching for a flight, hotel, cruise, car rental or a combination of these services, they can compare and find the best deals with only one click. This is true regardless of where the person wishes to go, as we offer information on more than one million properties in more than 200 countries,” Catalin Popa, spokesperson for TripEconomy, explains.

Trekksoft reports that travelers want to eliminate the hassle of booking their vacation. The company states individuals are looking for a treat-worthy experience from start to finish. Furthermore, they want outstanding customer care, personalized service and valuable add-ons when working with a company of this type. TripBarometer found that 33 percent of travelers stated they planned to spend more in 2016, with the majority saying it was because they or their family deserved it.

“Travelers shouldn’t have to spend a great deal of time researching accommodations. This time is better spent planning activities to take part in when visiting a new location. Most travelers state they are willing to spend more on sightseeing and many feel extra money invested in accommodation and special dining experiences is money well spent,” Popa continues.

With millions of options to choose from when it comes to hotels, cruises, airlines and car rental providers, people often find it difficult to locate the best deal for their specific needs. Furthermore, travelers often find they need to research different providers for each location they will be traveling. This requires a great deal of time be invested before the trip even begins.

“TripEconomy offers access to more than one million accommodations and greater than 700 airlines, along with cruises, car rentals and more. Begin planning your trip with us. You will find it easy to get exactly what you need to make your trip a success from start to finish,” Popa promises.

About TripEconomy SRL”

TripEconomy aims to provide an improved travel experience for those looking to build their own travel package. Hotels, flights, cruises and car rentals are all one click away to compare and find the best deals anywhere in the world.

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